Lesson Learned Life Quotes

100+ best lesson learned quotes on life – “The world is what you think about it, so think about it differently and it will change your life.” – Paul Arden

Lesson Learned Life Quotes
Lesson Learned Life Quotes

I’m going to take my heart. Brains don’t make one happy, and the best thing in the world is happiness.

L. Frank Baum

When you deny an apology to somebody in this life, you will remember it when you ask forgiveness.
Toba Beta

You can’t go all the way around, no matter how hard you kick, no matter how high you get.
John Green

If Plan A fails, there are 25 more letters in the alphabet-204 if you’re in Japan.
Claire Cook

You’re a godly being. You’re important, you count. You come from unimaginable realms of power and light, and you will return to those realms.
Terence McKenna

Big love is gone. Little loves still exist-friend to friend, brother to sister, teacher to student. Will you deny comfort at a cottage’s heartfire because you may no longer be sitting by a palace’s fireplace? Are you going to deny yourself to those who reach you in the hopes of warming up at your heartfire? 
Mercedes Lackey

Quotes on life experiences
Lesson learned quotes on life

Do not beat yourself because you don’t know the answers. You don’t have to always know who you are. You don’t need to get the big picture, or know where you’re heading. Sometimes, just knowing what you’re going to do next is enough.
Sophie Kinsella

Haters and bullies, you know, are always cowardly. They like the little guys to pick.
Scylar Tyberius

Never say Never if you know that you can’t give up what you love.
Justin Bieber

You can’t just let life happen to you, you must bring life to pass.
Idowu Koyenikan

These people can not comfortably enjoy what God has given them because they see what He has not given them and covet them. All our dissatisfaction with what we want seems to me to spring from the lack of gratitude for what we have.
Daniel Defoe

Have you not been able to give me brains?” Scarecrow asked. “You don’t need them. Every day you’re learning something. A baby has brains, but it knows little. Experience is the only thing that brings knowledge, and the longer you’re on earth the more experience you’re certain to have.
L. Frank Baum

The truth is that what matters is what you do. What matters today is what you are doing. It’s important what you do every day. Successful people just do things that don’t seem to change the act of doing them and they do them over and over until the compound effect kicks in.
Jeff Olson

quotes about life lessons
Quotes about life lessons

Only in the extraordinary, people look for greatness and totally overlook the wonder of the ordinary.
Ann Tatlock

It was so risky and so frightening, yet so beautiful at the same time. Perhaps the truth was, being amazing shouldn’t be easy. Then it would be all. Before you earn it, it’s the things you fight for and fight with that have the greatest value. When something is hard to get through, you’re going to do that much more to make sure it’s even harder to lose if not impossible.
Sarah Dessen

What you have to say to yourself, to pretend you’re still the one in control.
Jodi Picoult

If you are driven by fear, you will be forced to compete by anger or pride. If you are guided by courage, nature will serve you with awareness, tranquility and peace.
Amit Ray[/su_quote]

Se tens um coração de ferro, proveito bomb. Oh meu, no fizeram of flesh, and bleed all day.
José Saramago

What’s okay? You have the right to take it if you want something. You have the right to do it if you want to do something.
Bret Easton Ellis

And I think you just have to go for it if you believe in something and want it so much and you don’t hurt anyone else. Which sometimes, even if it’s scary, means taking a risk. But the thing that most of you want to happen is not an opportunity unless you give it one.
Susane Colasanti

You will find that even an open book can be scribbled in its margins for surprise under scrutiny.
Violet Haberdasher

Sayings about life lessons
Lesson learned quotes on life

You throw in a deep pond a stone. Splash. Splash. The sound is big, and the surrounding area is reverberating. What comes after that from the pond? All we can do is look at the pond and hold our breath.
Haruki Murakami

Personal accountability is a beautiful thing because it gives us full control over our destinies.
Heather Schuck

You see that? That’s why in the lives of people you don’t get mixed up. Because life is messy and complicated, and every time, things end up helling one way or the other.
Megan Crewe

Would you like more credit for everything you do and who are you? Be the one who gives others credit.
Robin S Sharma

Tomorrow isn’t there and yesterday wasn’t there ; if you really want to achieve your goals, you have to get involved in today.
Noel DeJesus

You’re going to fail many times. That’s the world’s nature, and life’s truth. But if you find your horse again, are you going back or are you going to go forward?
Robert McCammon

It sometimes takes almost superhuman strength just to get through each day.
Jojo Moyes

Sometimes it takes almost superhuman strength just to get through each day.
Thomas M. Sterner

Every day’s magic lives in the unknown. It wakes up as one person and accepts that when night falls, we may be totally someone else. So if you’re wondering what my story is, forgive me I’m not sure yet.
J. Raymond

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